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Silete Venti! was born in 2004 to deepen the study of the Baroque and Classic period, with the peculiarity of using authentic instruments and of giving a great attention to the original techniques and to search for the ancient sources.


The orchestra has from the beginning cooperated with important historical researchers and well known international musicians such as Corrado Rovaris. Silete venti! is formed by musicians winners of international awards and have been “prime parti” in famous orchestras, and who teach in prestigious schools. Young talented musicians are also applied to the orchestra, with the desire of promoting an ambitious and deep cultural development. Silete Venti! has then become an important part in the Ancient Music panorama, and has been invited in famous festivals focused on this repertoire. In July 2004 Silete Venti! participated at the Comèdie- Ballet        “Il Borghese Gentiluomo”, represented with the organization of Teatro alla Scala in Milano. From December 2005, Silete Venti! started to cooperate with the Cappella Musicale of the Duomo in Lodi. There, with the aid of the traditional talents of the Westminster Abbey, the orchestra realized a       long-term project based on the playing of the most important Oratorios written by G. F. Haendel. In 2006, the Mozart’s Year, Silete Venti! had an important role in the first Mozart Woche in Milan, leaded by the Gioventù Musicale d’Italia, with the patronage of the Salzburg’s Mozarteum.


During that Mozart’s Year, Silete Venti! carried on the project “Il Ritratto” and made a tour dedicated to the concert “Lo Spasso”. In October 2007 Silete Venti! opened the “Cattedrali Festival”, which troughout the years will spread among the most important cathedrals in Europe, enhancing their histories and their musical repertoires. Since the beginning and again in 2008 a key member of the Mozart Woche, Silete Venti! has in 2008 also proposed a project dedicated to “Milano, Città dei Lumi”.


In 2009, the Handel’s Year, Silete Venti! was involved in a long journey dedicated to the German composer, which had begun with the performance of “Handel in Italia” and has had then an acme at the end of the year with the realization of the concert “Handel 2009″ in the church of San Marco in Milan, under the conductor Corrado Rovaris. The concert gave the opportunity to play, for the first time in the world in modern times, a “Concerto Doppio di Signore Handel” which had been recently discovered in Russia.


The TV Channel Sky Classica has produced a video of this event. In 2010 the researching over Handel’s music has continued with a project , “L’Acque e il Fuoco”, accomplished with the cooperation of the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera and of the Accademia dei Piaceri Campestri. Silete Venti! wishes to involve enlightened institutions in the present and future projects. As a result, Silete Venti! has been adopted by the Accademia dei Pugni. The first result of this cooperation was the concert “L’anima di Mozart” which has taken place the 31 of December 2010 in San Marco, Milan, under the conductor Simone Toni and the patronage of the Italian Cultural Assets Minister. A concert for the last day of the year that follows the one held in 2009 and has become a part of the musical tradition in Milan.


Year 2011 has begun with the execution of the Mozart Requiem, in a concert in memory and honour of Prof. Tommaso Padoa Schioppa. Since the autumn of this year, with “Vivaldi e le Putte di coro”, the orchestra is involved in a journey through Vivaldi’s notes. After the great approval obtained by the compact disc dedicated to the discovery of the Concerto doppio “di Signore Handel” and to the Concerti Grossi op. 3, with Corrado Rovaris as conductor (Sony Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, 2011), Silete Venti! presents again its beloved music with a long journey dedicated to Antonio Vivaldi.


The first step is the cycle of concertos and the recording of the disc “Vivaldi e l’Angelo di avorio”. The journey will go on with “Il testamento di Vivaldi” and with a project dedicated to the extremely virtuosic sacred music of the same composer. The founder of the orchestra is Simone Toni.

Silete Venti ! 

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