The Orchestra Italiana del Cinema presents a unique symphonic concert combined with the projection of visual content (film clips, drawings, photographs and graphic animations), creating an  exciting tribute to the great master of Italian cinema.
The evocative soundtracks of Nino Rota played an essential role in Fellini films. About his long-time collaborator Fellini said: "As soon as he arrived, stress disappeared and everything turned into a festive atmosphere, the movies entered a joyful, serene, fantastic period, a new life" 

1953 -  I Vitelloni  (music by Nino Rota)              

1954 -  La Strada  (music by Nino Rota)                

1957 -  Le Notti di Cabiria  (music by Nino Rota)    

1960 -  La Dolce Vita  (music by Nino Rota)          

1963 -  Otto e Mezzo  (music by Nino Rota)           

1970 -  I Clowns (music by Nino Rota)                 

1972 -  Roma (music by Nino Rota)                     

1973 -  Amarcord (music by Nino Rota)               

1976 -  Il Casanova (music by Nino Rota)            

1979 -  Prova d’Orchestra (music by Nino Rota)     

1985 -  Ginger e Fred  (music by Nicola Piovani)

1990 -  La Voce della Luna (music by Nicola Piovani)

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