Fabio Massimo Capogrosso


Fabio Massimo Capogrosso began studying the piano soon and immediately he 
privaled in several national and international competitions: he won the First Prize at the  "International Competition for young performers" of Cassino and the First Prize at the  "National Competition city of Vasto."

 The union of a certain musical and cultural vibrancy combined with a growing spirit of  experimentation, led him to undertake the study of the composition.

Under the guidance of Maestro Sergio Prodigo, in 2008 he obtained the first academic degree  cum laude; meanwhile, he was also interested in other musical languages and thus he studied  "music applied to images," during "Copia l’autore" held by the famous Maestro Carlo Crivelli  (winner at Cannes for best soundtrack with Marco Bellocchio's Vincere) and he operated at a 
series of scores in particular for documentaries. In 2009, he excelled in the category of  composers at the Ibla Grand Prize Competition. In October 2011, by the performance of the  Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese Symphonic Poem "For perpetuam rei memoriam", he obtained  the second graduated degree in composition cum laude.

His works have been performed by accomplished artists such as Marlène 
Prodigo, Lavinia Morelli, Sara Gentile, Anita Mazzantini, Alessandro Soccorsi, Mara Oosterbaan, Anastasia Feruleva, Sesto Quatrini, Dario Flammini, Massimiliano Pitocco, Quartet Falstaff, Nuova Synapsis Ensemble, Red4Quartet, Orchestra Sinfonica Abruzzese; and  in important festivals like "Sounds of the Dolomites", UrtiCanti contemporary music festival,  the International Festival di Mezza Estate, and Caffeina Cultura 2013; among these, particularly appreciated by audiences and critics, we can mention the “Fiaba Abruzzese”, the  concert for two bayan and orchestra, the symphonic poem "ad parpetuam rei memoriam", the  sparkling Suite for wind orchestra, the chamber works as a Quartetto su di un tema ossessivo.

Un breve racconto notturno, The Legend of Mastrofuoco ("Teatro Cilea" of Reggio Calabria,  "Guarasci Auditorium" of Cosenza, "Sala Martucci" of Naples and "Teatro Comunale" dell'Aquila) and Rêve.


Also in 2015 he won the Bassoon Chamber Music Composition Competition
In March 2016 he was invited, as the winner of the call for score, at the Univerisita Florida to witness the execution of his piano trio during the 'USF New Music Festival.