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The Ensemble Hope is dedicated to the performance and creation of music of today. As well as exploring new forms of contemporary electro-acoustic technology, it integrates written musical tradition, improvisation and an adapted classical repertoire.

 The “cristal”, “sculptures sonores Baschet” and the “Titanium Euphone” form the basis of the ensemble’s sophisticated instrumental collection. The new works reflect these neglected and little-known instruments. 

 The main drive of the ensemble is based on the production of concerts, the multi-usage of the instruments, and an ever-growing development of their presentation through masterclasses and workshops.

 The ensemble has given world premieres throughout Europe (notably in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland and Greece), in China, and North and South America (including Brazil and Colombia).

 Together with various specialist instrument makers, particularly Titanium Sound, the ensemble works closely with organisations devoted to acoustic research such as the “Centre national de la recherche scientifique” (CNRS/LAM).

 In 1791, Ernst Friedrich Chladni invented the “Euphone”. During the 1950’s , the French sound designers, brothers François and Bernard Baschet, invented the “orgue de verre Lasry-Baschet”, known as the “orgue de cristal”, eventually becoming the famous “Cristal Baschet”.

Today, the Ensemble Hope is actively-engaged in developing a new generation of Euphones. This collaboration involves living composers, the performance of their music, as well as sound and acoustic engineers, other performing artists, and movers-and-shakers in the international development of the combined arts of image and musical sound.

Music for Bass Cristal Baschet, Titanium Euphone, and soprano. A musical voyage through time, from the 12th to 21st-centuries.Two instruments boasting a charming and unique sonority, enhanced by the natural timbre of the human voice.

It is rare to find instrumentalists so highly dedicated to the art of these instruments.

The Ensemble Hope is the most advanced of its kind for its taste in contemporary music.

Ensemble Hope


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