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Cinematic Ensemble 


Fabrizio Siciliano - piano & arragements 

Marcello Sirignano - violino

Matteo Scarpelli - violoncello

Gennarino Amato - clarinetto

Gianluca Casadei - fisarmonica

Paolo Camerini - contrabbasso

Roberto Berini - batteria

Cinematic ensemble

Founded in 1995 during the celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of Cinema's birth, the group has been performing in various venues, Cinema festivals and Music Shows: in the first concert, held in the beautiful scenery of Villa Borghese in Rome, the ensemble entertained the audience with a selection of Nino Rota's themes from Federico Fellini's most famous films, arranged and directed by the pianist and leader of the ensemble, Fabrizio Siciliano.

In the following years, the ensemble has been exploring works from other great movie music composers: actual programming ranges from John Williams, Luis Bacalov, Maurice Jarre to suites dedicated to the most famous Walt Disney soundtracks and to the  "Commedia all'italiana" movies, shot between the fifties and the seventies.

Their mission is to bring to people of all ages the fascinating and marvelous atmospheres from the best movies of all times.

The members of the ensemble are all talented and eclectic musicians coming from different backgrounds: 
from classical music to contemporary, baroque, jazz, folk and rock. Thus, their ingenious and fresh-sounding arrangements

and interpretations achieve a unique taste of playful modernity within a classical frame.

Different versions of the executions are available, from four up to twelve musicians: flute, clarinet, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone (oboe), string quartet (two violins, viola, cello), 
double bass, accordion, percussions and piano.


A spectacular ensemble exploring the wonderful repertoire of cinematic music of all times.

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